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Jewelry with purpose.
Jewelry becomes more than just adornment; it transforms into a powerful form of expression and support. Elevate your style with purpose as we explore curated jewelry brands that not only dazzle with their designs but also carry a meaningful message of solidarity with Palestine. Discover how these brands fuse craftsmanship with activism, allowing you to wear your values proudly and stylishly.

Fine jewelry brand Leïa K.

Leïa’s journey spans continents, a rich tapestry woven from her roots in Senegal to the vibrant streets of Lebanon, where she spent her formative years. After immersing herself in law studies in France, with career chapters written in the bustling cities of Toulouse and Paris, Leïa’s global adventures took her to Tanzania, where family ties drew her to Dar Es Salaam. Briefly calling Switzerland home, she eventually anchored her heart in Lebanon, driven by the desire to nurture her three boys—Luca, Aylan, and Noah—closer to their cultural origins. Faced with the dynamic realities of her homeland, today Leïa’s life unfolds between the eclectic landscapes of Beirut and Dubai, with her worldly spirit traversing borders in search of inspiration.

Nominal fashion accessories founded by Akram Abdallah and Lena Sarsour.

Nominal is thrilled to share that they engage in a monthly campaign dedicated to contributing to various charitable causes, aptly named the ‘Deed of the Month’ Campaign. Each month, a percentage of every order is allocated towards a different cause, ranging from providing essential provisions to individuals in Syria to the construction of freshwater wells in Mali. Your support has been instrumental in transforming this platform into something greater than any one person. Every purchase of your favorite items ensures that a part of the total proceeds is directly channeled towards distinctive causes. With your invaluable assistance, the possibilities are boundless, and Nominal remains committed to utilizing its platform to bring smiles not only to the faces of its customers but also to those who truly need it.

Handmade Palestine.

At the heart of Handmade Palestine lies a passionate endeavor to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of Palestinians on the global stage, simultaneously championing the artistic odyssey of the skilled artisans behind these creations. Featuring the remarkable contributions of 32 distinct artisans and designers, this platform is not just a showcase but a labor of love. Guided by a team of dedicated volunteers, this inspiring initiative is a testament to their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on their homeland.

Watan Palestine.

Nestled in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Watan stands as an artistic haven inspired by Palestine. Established in January 2015, this cultural enclave seeks to carve out a unique space for Palestinians, fostering an environment that encourages the exploration and understanding of their rich cultural and intellectual heritage.

Aquae Jewels.

Aquae Jewels®, a creation of Aigue Marine DMCC, transcends the conventional boundaries of jewelry. More than mere adornments, AQ is a celebration of femininity, an embodiment of luxury, and an ode to elegance seamlessly intertwining with ready-to-wear fashion.