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Decorate your ears with Maria Tash’s first formal collection

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New York-born jewellery designer and luxury piercer Maria Tash is launching a line of new jewels – combining innovation, timelessness, structure and movement

Maria Tash has come piercing close to perfection when it comes to unique piercing placements and has taken the concept of multiple piercings to a whole new level. 

After establishing her eponymous label in the 90s, Maria Tash has gained international recognition as the place to go to have your ears curated and what we love, even more, is that her designs celebrate diversity. Regardless of gender, the designer crafts unique pieces that can be worn by everyone. 

“I don’t design with gender in mind. Each piece is unique to the wearer and it’s not about masculinity or femininity, it’s about personal style and how you resonate with each piece,” says Maria Tash.

Diamond Short Spike Eternity Hoop Earring in Yellow Gold

Diamond Short Spike Eternity Hoop Earring in White Gold

Diamond Short Spike Eternity Hoop Earring in Rose Gold

For Fall/Winter ’20, Maria Tash has introduced her largest assortment of new pieces to date and it introduces the Triple Silhouette Spike Diamond Eternity, which is a new update on the iconic Maria Tash design. The classic gold spikes have been converted and incorporated the facet of a modern-cut stone to achieve a minimalist approach to setting and a maximalist approach to style.

“I asked myself, ‘How could a diamond look like a spike, while also being suspended?’. In my persistence to innovate, I wanted to create something I hadn’t seen before and use cutting and setting techniques to design an elongated shape of a diamond specially cut to achieve a spike look”.

In addition to the new collection, Maria Tash introduces two new piercings, the Tash Helix and the Tash Hidden Rook, that give off that ‘floating’ effect on the ear.

The launch of the new placements coincides with the debut of the collection with three styles compatible with the new piercing locations: the 2mm Prong Set Diamond Drape Stud, Diamond Drape Chandelier Stud, and the Floating Diamond Charm Studs.


The Fall/Winter 2020 Collection will also be available to shop across all Maria Tash locations globally on September 14, 2020.

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