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2.25 bottles of Batiste dry shampoo are sold across the globe every second

Yep, you read that right
If you've been searching for the best dry shampoo on the market, you can stop because it's just been revealed as Batiste...

Ah, dry shampoo. A true miracle in the world of beauty products, dry shampoo tops our can’t-live-without lists and with good reason: from extending blowdrys to freshening hair when in a rush, it’s the ultimate timesaver. As a result of our love for the product, there are hundreds of varieties available globally which just about every haircare brand on the market offering their own version however there’s one that is now officially better than all the rest. And chances are you have a bottle in your beauty cupboard/desk drawer/handbag right now. 

According to the Daily Mail, Batiste sells 2.25 bottles of its legendary dry shampoo every second. Is it any wonder when the brand offers 15 different varieties, across three bottle sizes and with coloured options for brunette and blonde hair? 

Now the hunt is officially over, you might want to stop into Boots on your way home and stock up…

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