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Facebook is set to hide the number of likes to protect user well-being

They've already begun testing the new feature
In a bid to boost users’ wellbeing, Facebook will start hiding likes on posts...

Earlier this year, Instagram started to cut off its most addictive feature yet: the number of double-tapping likes you get on your posts. With an aim to boost users’ wellbeing, it seems like there’s another social media platform following in Instagram’s footsteps, and rightfully so.

Facebook (which actually owns Instagram) has announced that its users will no longer see the number of likes, reactions or video views on other people’s posts, however, comments will remain public.

The social media platform began testing the new feature in Australia, with the tech giant explaining that the much-needed change was based on well-being research and mental health organisations’ advice.

“We’ve had really positive feedback from a lot of the anti-bullying groups and mental health organisations that we work with,” Mia Garlick, Facebook’s director of policy in Australia, told the Guardian. “It really is just taking that number out of the equation, so that people can focus on the quality of their interactions and the quality of the content rather than on the number of likes or reactions.”

There’s no indication yet as to whether the likes trial will be made permanent and if it will be rolled out globally.

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