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Football frenzy
Gearing up for the World Cup, we dive into conversation with Hublot's football ambassador David Trezeguet...

All eyes are currently on Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, and as we’re packing a powerful punch of excitement leading up to the championship, Hublot is here to make sure we’re up to date with all the action – on and off the pitch. 

The partnership between Hublot and football has stood firm for years. Hublot was the first luxury brand to invest in the sport and its portfolio of brand ambassadors includes some of the most prominent names in football, including David Trezeguet. Having held a successful 20-year goal-scoring career, Trezeguet’s contribution to the world of football is immense and it was only in 2015 that he hung up his football boots, leaving a legacy many will remember and honour for years to come. 

Below, we speak to the legend about his partnership with Hublot, the brand’s signature ‘Art of Fusion’ concept and his most cherished moment throughout his career. 

How did your partnership with Hublot first come about?

It was shortly before the beginning of the French Euro in 2016. At the time, I was working on the promotion of the Euros. We met, and it was then that we understood we shared the same passion towards sports and of course football in particular. This definitely paved the way for a solid friendship and, not long after, a great partnership.

Hublot has always been known for its long-standing history of partnerships with prominent names in premier sports. Which Hublot timepiece reflects your personality the most?

I would say the Big Bang Unico UEFA Euro 2016. Aside from having the colours of France, this watch really represents the elegance and dynamicity that Hublot holds, while at the same time giving off that sporty and casual look.

Hublot’s Art of Fusion is its signature. To you, what does the ‘Art of Fusion’ represent?

It definitely represents the high quality and professionality of Hublot. It is also a confirmation that Hublot is introducing unique and innovative techniques, bringing their creations to even higher levels. Which is something, overall, very relatable to the world of sport; the never-ending quest of improving, standing out, and aiming for the best possible results.

What are some of the values you share with Hublot?

As mentioned above, it’s professionalism but also aesthetics. I really love their designs. And of course, the values we see in sports too – Hublot has a very definite character and personality.

To you, what does the concept of time mean?

Time for me is very important. I’ve always valued the importance of it – and of being on time, whatever the occasion may be. So, I’m constantly looking at my watch.

What is your first memory of time/watch?

It has to be when I was young, running from school to practice, and even practice itself. I had a certain amount of time where I could do my best, so I had to use every second of it.

What is your first memory of Hublot?

It was the first time we met at its beautiful home in Nyon, where I was able to see their laboratories and see the artisan excellence at work.

There’s plenty of emotion in the world of sport. Could you share your most cherished emotion during your career?

Without a doubt, it was the World Cup of 1998. Holding that trophy and winning the World Cup in your own home, is something indescribable. That emotion, I will forever cherish. Which was followed right away by the Euros two years later, with the goal that got us the win.