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Here’s your next jewellery palate cleanser for spring

Pandora Garden
Our final look at why Pandora's Pandora Garden collection is the must-have for spring...

Pandora‘s Pandora Garden collection combines all the right elements to make for a spring jewellery palate cleanser. Combining the right optimistic mood, giving you expression and serving your everyday styling rituals, we think these pieces do the job in one. 

In our final look at the collection, let’s talk ‘spreading our wings’ because if you’re going to have that kind of conversation at any point in the year, spring makes the most sense, right? 

Within the collection, freedom is a mainstay. A synonymous element of freedom is change, and if you’ve got the wings to fly, then there’s nothing to hold you back. 

Now we’re not saying a piece of jewellery is going to assist in world domination but it kind of works from the outside, in – meaning: wear a piece of jewellery that inspires strength and power and you’ll internalise that message and take charge of whatever it is you want to do with your life. 

That’s the empowering part of Pandora’s pieces, you can do you. In other words: Be you. 

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