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French label Vionnet voluntarily liquidates to relaunch as a sustainable business

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We know how important it is for fashion brands to move towards sustainability but one label is showing just how seriously it needs to be taken...

This year, the push from consumers and the wider world has prompted many fashion brands to rethink their environmental impact and make radical changes as a result. From stopping the use of fur to incorporating environmentally-friendly materials into their collections, there’s plenty that has been done. However, there’s still so much further to go and one brand has just shown how seriously they take fashion’s environmental responsibility

French fashion label Vionnet has just announced that it will undergo a process of voluntary liquidation in order to relaunch as a fully sustainable brand. It’s a huge move but one that Creative Director Goga Ashkenazi says is necessary. “Being trendsetters, being people influencing other people’s decisions, I think we have the responsibility to commit to the sustainable cause and try to have an impact on this world,” she told WWD

As a result, the brand will miss “one or two seasons” according to Ashkenazi and when it relaunches will also adopt a new approach to collections with the designer explainging that it will focus on “conceptual collections transcending fashion and its fixed schedules.”


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