Embarr Institute is here to help you dive deeper into the international luxury market with a broadened mindset...

There’s nothing better than developing your education and with the slow down of summer, there’s no better time. The Embarr Institute has officially launched operations in the UAE, offering a selection of exciting courses and programs that will empower the decision-makers in you. 

Founded by Margaret Herde – who’s impressive resume also includes her being a member of the Dubai Business Council, Forbes Middle East and co-host of The Pulse of Dubai Podcast – the Embarr Institute was “created out of a passion to bring exceptional and carefully curated training to both individuals and businesses.” 

The main objective of the program is to unify the language and understanding of the luxury industry, as well as understand the digital landscape of the business overall. And although you may already have an understanding of luxury, these professional and lifestyle courses will give you the stepping stone to becoming the best version of yourselves.

With an innovative approach to teaching, the professional courses include luxury brand management, international business protocol, personal branding, digital marketing, luxury brand management and social media. Whilst the lifestyle courses offer the chance to dive into the history and customs of the tradition of afternoon tea, understand the art of entertaining, and finish school for young ladies. 

“This is the best investment not only for your personal life but also for your career. It might only take a few seconds to form an opinion, but it takes a course with us to leave a brilliant lasting impression.” 

New courses will start on August 1 on luxury brand management and personal branding.

To learn more about the Embarr Institute and its offerings, head to