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Lebanese schools need your help and here’s what you can do

Do your part and save the educational system in Lebanon from collapsing...

Lebanon is currently facing its worst economic meltdown in more than a century resulting in turmoil, devastation, famine and hardships across the country. The education system too is collapsing amid the unprecedented economic crisis and global pandemic. 

Approximately 400,000 students in Lebanon may no longer continue their education – one of the country’s foundational pillars – and as it sits on the brink of collapse, you can help save the country’s education sector.

Forsa is a program that “aims at contributing to saving the country’s education sector by helping Lebanese private schools transition an unprecedented economic crisis.” It is led by Beit el Baraka and Murex, and your donations will support the program to find solutions for parents to educate their children, for teachers to carry out their mission, and for schools to keep their doors open.

“Since the dawn of time, Lebanon shone as a beacon of education. The seat of the earliest law school in the world (238-551 A.D.) has nurtured the greatest minds, and ever since, Lebanon ranked as the main cultural hub in the region,” explains Maya Chams Ibrahimchah, Beit el Baraka’s founder & CEO. “Protecting our education sector is the only way to build a future that commemorates our History. Our tremendous efforts to set new standards of governance for the past two years rely fundamentally on a solid education sector, without which there is no hope to see change in the country. We have to act immediately to remedy that, and Forsa is our only chance.”

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