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As part of the 'Tweed de Chanel' collection.
For this new High Jewelry collection dedicated to Tweed, I wanted to go further in the interpretation by creating a veritable fabric of precious stones that is light and supple." Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio.

Did you know? Tweed, draws its very essence from the enchanting River Tweed, nestled amidst the picturesque Scottish Borders. Like an artistic muse, the name inspired the visionary Gabrielle Chanel, who, with her unparalleled ingenuity, infused it with her distinctive flair. Gabrielle Chanel then made it her own and that’s how Tweed became a true cornerstone of the CHANEL lexicon, etching its indelible mark upon fashion history. In the1920s, as a love story filled her heart, Gabrielle Chanel embarked on a journey of discovery. Amidst the opulent realm of the English aristocracy, she became an observer of breathtaking landscapes that unfurled before her eyes. It was within this realm, entwined with the Duke of Westminster’s affection, that the secrets of their privileged existence were unveiled to her in wistful whispers. Drawn by the allure of their elegance, Mademoiselle ventured to adorn herself in the Duke’s noble tweed jackets, then, guided by her innate genius, she wove her own narrative, transforming the stately garments into spellbinding masterpieces that would grace her illustrious collections. 

It all started in 2020…

In the year 2020, Tweed gracefully transcended its traditional realm and entered the captivating universe of CHANEL jewelry. A wondrous collection, comprising 45 extraordinary pieces, emerged dedicated solely to this timeless fabric, capturing its essence with a masterful touch. Each creation, a testament to the skilled art of articulation, breathed life into the supple intricacies and subtle nuances of tweed. Under the visionary guidance of Patrice Leguéreau, the Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, a sparkling chapter unfurled in the realm of CHANEL High Jewelry. Inspired by the opulence hidden within tweed weaves, Leguéreau embarked upon an extraordinary journey where tweed underwent a magnificent transformation, evolving into pieces of unparalleled preciousness.

2023: “my dream was to create a tweed set with precious stones”- Patrice Leguéreau.

This year, Patrice Leguéreau embarked on a resplendent quest: to weave precious stones and create a tweed-inspired High Jewelry collection. Meticulously honed, 63 new masterpieces blossomed like intricately embroidered tapestries, an ode to the artistry of tweed. With every thread, they whispered opulence and elegance, adorned with delicate fringes and ethereal lacework. The play of monochromatic and polychromatic shades danced upon their surfaces, capturing the essence of the fabric’s weave with an abundance of meticulous details, conjuring an illusion of movement.

Tweed, in all its glory, reemerged as the heartbeat of this grand symphony, generously bestowing its precious essence upon each creation. In this collection, five new tweed jewelry weaves took centre stage, each infused with the spirit of Gabrielle Chanel’s cherished icons. The purity of the white ribbon, the delicate allure of the pink camellia, the celestial comet against a backdrop of serene blue, the vibrant sun kissed with yellow hues, and the regal lion, adorned with tantalizing flashes of red, all graced the stage of this opulent production.

Across five precious chapters, plastrons, necklaces, sautoirs, bracelets, brooches, rings, and earrings wove a mesmerizing tapestry that captured the essence of tweed’s allure. Within each creation, the beloved symbols found their place, delicately nestled within clasps or unleashed in resplendent grandeur, exuding their unique power and charm.

The Savoir-‘Flair’.

The masterful artisans of the House breathed life into the materials adorning the captivating “TWEED DE CHANEL” Collection. Their savoir-faire takes centre stage as they reimagined settings, ingeniously crafted to showcase the resplendent beauty of each gemstone. Through the delicate interplay of minuscule hinges, rings, and articulations woven from threads of gold and platinum, a sublime suppleness weaves its way into the very fabric of every creation.

The tweed’s intricate weave becomes a canvas for artistic transformation. It shimmers with a playful fringe. Bold and symmetrical, it creates a structured form, elevated and enriched to fashion a tapestry of jewels that transcends imagination. The gold, pearls, and precious stones intertwine, their interplay accentuated by the varying sizes of the gemstones and the enchanting allure of openwork. 

Yet, it is not only the exterior beauty that captivates. The very soul of tweed, its comforting softness, finds an echo in the meticulous craftsmanship lavished on the back of each piece. Here, hidden from the world’s gaze, lies an exquisite dedication to ensuring the utmost comfort and sublime elegance, a testament to the unwavering commitment to perfection.