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15 things to gift yourself for International Women’s Day

Because this is legit self-care
In the name of female empowerment, here's a gift guide (to self) for International Women's Day...

Today is our day. Yes, we get to rule the world (as if we didn’t already all the time, OK thanks, bye) in the name of International Women’s Day. Or at least, it’s a day to reflect on all the great work our mothers, sisters, daughters and foresisters have done to provide future generations of women a fairer world to live in. 

So, with that, we think you have earned yourselves the right to treat yourselves. Yep, in the name of all fabulous women (and much needed self-care from all that heavy duty effort in our fight to equality) here’s a gift guide to inspire your next pressie-to-self.

From the super luxe to the everyday essentials, you literally deserve all 15 of these awesome things…

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Great. You’ve got the ideas, now do the deed(s). 

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