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We’re throwing it back to the pre social media Met Gala days

Looks to love from the past
Here's a retrospective look at the Met Gala from its glamorous beginnings...

The Met Gala. The annual fundraising gala that gathers the most prominent figures in the fashion industry. The name itself elicits grandiose images in your mind’s eye. It’s an excuse for celebrities to don their most outlandish wares, no matter how impractical or unconducive it is to putting one steady foot in front of the other. 

Every year there’s a theme. This year (6 May) it’s Camp: Notes on Fashion” which means “the love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration… style at the expense of content…the triumph of the epicene style,” according to Andrew Bolton, the lead curator of the event. 

Quite the cryptic concept, right? Well, that’s what the Met Gala has become over the years. But there was a time when it was a lot more Hollywood glamour and a little less of a social media frenzy. 

Ahead of this year’s Met Gala, we thought we’d throw it back to the golden olden days when Instagram wasn’t a thing and we got our fill of the best dressed in the morning post. 

How good are these..?

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Notice how with time the looks become a lot more like costumes…

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