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The best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2019

Trick or treat!
With All Hallows’ Eve right around the corner, we turn to this year’s most memorable Hollywood guises for a little bewitching inspiration…

Halloween is officially here offering an evening for everyone, especially celebrities, to indulge in all that the spooky season has to offer. Yes, Hollywood does seem to have a penchant for producing more than just scary movies, with its most famous using the scariest night of the year as the ultimate excuse to dip into their dark side with costumes get wilder and more ingenious than before.

Forget your spindly Wicked Witch of the West or go-to ghoulish cover up; these are next-level, meticulously produced disguises, thought-up months in advance and produced hand in hand with teams of hair and make-up artists.

From Cher’s iconic Cleopatra moment and Kylie Jenner dressed up as Christina Aguilera circa “Dirrty” to Rihanna as a pizza-eating Ninja Turtle and Bruce Willis and his assistant Stephen J. Eads as The Shining twins, there definitely has been no shortage of scary, hilarious, or simply fabulous Hollywood guises over the years.

And for 2019, celebrities aren’t pulling the brakes on the shock value just yet; no, their costumes are getting more creative, more bewildering and more over the top than ever before.

Scroll down to see the most frightening and fantastic costumes of the year…

Demi Lovato as Pennywise from It

Ashley Graham as Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Kate Beckinsale as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany‘s

Cindy Crawford as a disco diva

Jessica Biel as Justin Timberlake during his NSYNC days

Elizabeth Hurley as The Bride from Kill Bill

Lisa Rinna as Jennifer Lopez

Gabrielle Union-Wade and daughter as cheerleaders from Bring It On

Sara Sampaio as a Prom Queen from 1985

Georgia Fowler as Maleficent

The cast of Black-ish as characters from Us

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Text by Dina Kabbani