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Traditional made modern.
BURO embarks on a journey to the very heart of Corridonia, Italy, where the illustrious headquarters of Santoni await. There, the convergence of time-honored techniques and visionary innovation gives birth to a brand that transcends the boundaries of tradition and embraces modern thinking.

Good shoes take you to good places, or vice versa.

Good places, here the Santoni factory also lead to good shoes. In the suburban Italian town, an architectural marvel emerges in a combination of steel, aluminum, and glass, exuding an otherworldly aura of ultramodern grandeur. But there is more to this remarkable structure than meets the eye, in fact 90 percent of the materials adorning its form were crafted with a sustainable future in mind, a testament to its unwavering commitment to the preservation of our precious planet, ensuring that each step taken within its walls leaves behind no carbon footprint.

This visionary establishment materialized nearly a decade ago, far before the era when sustainability emerged, Santoni, a pioneer of its time, boldly embraced the principles of innovation. In this space, tradition meets innovation, craftsmanship is fused with sustainability, and a testament to human ingenuity unfurls. Santoni’s extraordinary creation echoes a profound inspiration and motivation to envision a future where beauty and responsibility coexist in perfect harmony.

Tracing, cutting, punching, stitching… from Satoni’s soles to the soul.

Each stage of the process unfolds under the tender touch of skilled hands even in the presence of machines, their movements are guided with meticulous care and unwavering precision. The true intricacies of fashioning a footwear masterpiece come alive, revealing a series of techniques that inspired us, from tracing tracing, cutting, punching, stitching, each step is a testament on how artisans breathe life into raw materials.  But within the halls of Santoni, a unique alchemy takes place, for here, a mesmerizing ritual unfolds—hand-painting. Then, dozens of layers are applied by dozens of workers to achieve the brand’s signature burnished, ombre colors. Time seems to stand still as the artisans pour their souls into each stroke, infusing the very essence of their artistry into every pair of shoes, a tribute to the enduring craftsmanship that sets Santoni apart.

 A spotlight on: LEATHER.

Towering boards and projectors take over some of the manufacture’s rooms, where workers meticulously lay sheets of supple leather, guided by light. With the aid of a computer mouse, illuminated shapes are deftly positioned for more precision that ensures efficiency and minimizes wastage. Once the selection is made, the leather glides to a waiting razor-sharp needle and is sliced with a mechanical, razor-sharp needle However, just as Microsoft Word revolutionized the act of writing letters, the aid of modern technology elevates the craftsmanship to new heights. It becomes the brushstroke of a master painter, enhancing the end result and bestowing upon it an unparalleled allure. The assembly stands as a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection, then stitching commences, threading its way through the upper part, delicately entwining it with the sole of the shoes. Each stitch, a testament to craftsmanship, binds the components together, breathing life into the very essence of the footwear. Beneath the surface, a layer of cork emerges, a cushion that cradles the foot with unrivaled comfort and molds itself to memory, ensuring a harmonious union between the shoe and its wearer. This is the first layer, a foundation crafted with care and imbued with the power to envelop your every step in a realm of unparalleled luxury. In the heart of this creative haven, the soles come to life, birthed within the very walls that witness their creation, bearing the distinctive stamp of Santoni’s expertise.

In this wondrous realm, Santoni transcends the boundaries of conventional footwear, rewriting the rules with an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistry. Their exquisite techniques blend with cutting-edge innovations, within each shoe, a story unfolds—one of dedication, passion, and the eternal pursuit of excellence.