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... But luxury whispers rather than shouts ;)
Good things come to those who go out and earn them...but not 'old money', no.

Wait, we’re not done preaching yet; there are other things that are earned rather than inherited. Today, for example, the fashion industry is giving the ‘old money’ vibe a chance to be earned (bad taste in fashion is definitely inherited though).

From flaunting logos to quality basics, quiet luxury or old money has always existed, but is now buzzing among Y2K fits and Tiktok with searches for the word ‘quiet luxury’ exploding by 614% in the past year according to Google Trends data. It’s about embracing a quiet aesthetic and defying fads and the transient nature of trends, it’s drawing inspiration from the classics, not about brand logos or status symbols but rather individuality and exuding a quiet radiance that captivates effortlessly. 

Quiet luxury is having its moment everywhere around us from Sofa Richie’s wedding to the American Satirical black comedy-drama television series ‘Succession’, and there are so many ways to embrace that luxurious look without breaking the bank, we’ll tell you few.

First…forget about the logos.

‘Ludicrously capacious’ and ‘monstrous’ are two words used by Tom Wambsgans to describe a £2,500 Burberry bag during one of the Succession episodes. So allow us to reveal here a delightful secret: quiet luxury need not be synonymous with exorbitant price tags. Rather, it flourishes in elevated simplicity, where clean, refined basics reign supreme. Embrace the allure of versatile pieces that effortlessly transition just everywhere, joining together form and function. Here, opulence lies not in excessive bling, but in the aesthetics of logo-less tailoring, capturing the essence of quiet confidence, think of multimillionaire Gwyneth Paltrow and her head-to-toe ‘old money’ looks, including the $4,876 The Row coat, luxurious cashmere sweaters and Celine boots during her week in court in March, rather than big and loud logos.

But let us delve further, exploring the profound impact of texture over logos. Embrace the tactile delight of staple garments fashioned from sumptuous materials—cotton, leather, cashmere, merino wool, and silk—each lending an air of extravagance to your attire. The fabric becomes a canvas for richness, its touch a testament to refined taste and discerning sensibilities.

Never dim your light…make up.

During Sofia Richie’s ‘quiet luxury’ wedding, the spotlight gracefully shifted not only to her exquisite outfits but also to her natural makeup looks. A trend emerged on TikTok, where videos showcasing tutorials and awe-inspiring recreations of Sofia’s ethereal visage took center stage. The hashtags #sofiarichiemakeup, a gateway to her makeup secrets, amassed a staggering 10.5 million views. Meanwhile, #sofiarichieweddingmakeup got 7.1 million viewers, and #sofiarichiemakeuproutine garnered 3.6 million gazes.

In a stroke of genius, Sofia herself gifted the world a glorious ‘Get Ready with Me’ (GRWM) session, unveiling the sacred makeup products she delicately employed to craft her wedding look. What astonished onlookers was the realization that several of these enchanting cosmetic treasures graced the realm of affordability, with price tags under the $40 mark. This revelation served as a reminder that one’s quest for mastering Sofia’s radiant makeup allure need not be tethered to exorbitant budgets but rather embraces the realm of attainable beauty. Now, dear seekers of the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic, allow me to impart some precious makeup wisdom. To unlock the secrets of an ethereal glow, forsake the realm of powders and instead embrace the captivating allure of cream products. These ethereal textures blend seamlessly into the skin, bestowing upon it a dewy radiance that whispers of timeless elegance. And when it comes to color, opt for sheer washes that gently kiss your canvas, eschewing heavily pigmented products that demand attention. Let your complexion exude a subtle sheen, an enchanting halo that captures the essence of understated charm.

Glow with the flow.

Over the past year, luxury skincare witnessed an extraordinary surge in searches, igniting a fiery increase of 53%. While skincare may be perceived as a high-maintenance thing, fear not, for it holds the key to a harmonious balance. By cultivating an effective skincare routine, you can embrace a low-maintenance approach to your makeup while radiating with a captivating glow that leaves onlookers breathless.

To adopt this, we draw inspiration from the luminous visages of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, allow yourself the indulgence of a facial or the joy of investing in skincare products tailored to your unique needs. Each complexion tells a unique tale, and discovering the perfect harmony of products becomes a voyage of self-discovery. Embrace the art of understanding what works best for your skin, as you craft a divine routine that becomes your trusted companion.

#neutraloutfits are IN.

TikTok has ushered in a revolution of style, where hashtags reign supreme and trends take flight. Among these digital trends, two hashtags have emerged as winners: #neutraloutfit, adorned with a staggering 461.9 million views, and #monochromeoutfit, surpassing the remarkable milestone of 209.8 million views. The power of neutrals has cemented itself as an essential cornerstone of wardrobe essentials, beckoning seekers of quiet luxury with its understated allure.

luxury is not confined to bold declarations and ostentatious displays. Instead, it thrives in the realm of elevated basics, where tones are muted, and sophistication reigns supreme. This color palette becomes the foundation of a capsule wardrobe, a curated collection of neutral garments that transcend fleeting trends and become long-term investments in your personal style. These timeless pieces bear the mark of versatility, gracefully adapting to multiple occasions and envisioning a future where their beauty remains unblemished, year after year.