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Who would have thought the Duchess of Cambridge and Emilia Clarke had this connection

Practically sisters in arms
What does a member of the royal family and a leading Hollywood actress have in common? More than you would think in the case of Kate Middleton and Emilia Clarke...

As far as the public sphere is concerned, both the Duchess of Cambridge and Emilia Clarke occupy a large amount of space – but being that one is a member of the royal family and the latter a member of Hollywood, their worlds don’t necesarily coalesce. 

Until, it turns out, both Middleton and Clarke are doing their part in support of a global campaign close to their hearts: Nurses Now – an initiative which elevates the profiles of nurses across the globe in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organisation. 

Now, the Duchess is a regular when it comes to worthy causes. In fact, it seems like she is making philanthropic visits across the UK every week. It was only a couple of weeks ago she supported Children’s Mental Health Week by making the rounds at several schools around London. It is her royal duty after all…

But for Game of Thrones star Clarke, it’s a slightly more surpising segue. It’s been announced now that she is the first ever ambassador for Nurses Now – something which Middleton supports too.

In a statement Clarke said, “I am privileged to be asked to join Nursing Now’s global movement by becoming their ambassador and help them empower nurses to lead, to learn and to strengthen the profession around the world. Nursing Now aims to enable nurses to work to their full potential and have an even greater impact on health. Worldwide, this means investing in nurses so they can take on leadership positions in clinics and in primary and community care. They should also be empowered to play a greater role in prevention, promotion and health literacy and increase the provision of midwifery, child and adolescent services.” 

And it turns out, 2020 is officially designated by the World Health Organisation as the ‘Year of the Nurse’ – so we are sure Middleton and Clarke are going to bring lots of momentum to the initiative. 

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