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Wellness in a new world.
As technology advances, so does help in managing health. From sleep and fitness to holistic healing, the future of wellness technology is pushing to target every imaginable goal, so why not take advantage of it?

Take a look at some of the latest and most recommended devices to see how you can make today’s advances your wellness buddy.

Oura Ring (Gen 3)

This smart ring acts as a sleep and recovery tracker – capturing metrics like heart rate, temperature, chronotypes, body clock (ideal time to sleep and wake up based on data captured), blood oxygen, and even period predictions! The system focuses on three areas: sleep, readiness and activity. The data collected allows you to evaluate aspects of your health and health habits with a keen eye on what can be improved and track progress as changes are made – a well-rounded package to get the most out of this technology.

AOI (Art of Implosion) Technology with Liquid Gold Music.

The AOI system was developed by the renowned Johny Dar after more than 20 years of researching ancient healing modalities such as reiki, shiatsu, acupuncture and chi energy flow. AOI aims to enhance the approach to holistic self-healing by fusing ancient healing methods with light and sound technology. The AOI Pro consists of two vertical panels that emit programmed full-spectrum light and music at the cellular level. By focusing on the body’s energy pathways, the PranaPulse code software, which uses the special 528-Hz frequency known as Liquid Gold music, promises to free cellular memory, get rid of limiting patterns and heal physical illness and emotional trauma. AOI eliminates accumulated bioelectrical and chemical events that affect cellular functions by cleansing the CMD (Cellular Memory Disk) at the cellular level. As part of its 360 Degree Cell Rejuvenation technology, this coverall nourishes and cleanses the body using full spectrum light and sound!

Core Trainer Meditation Device & Core App.

This combination helps everyone dive deeper into their meditations and mindful goals. The gentle pulses of the device correspond with the exercise instructions of the Core App, synced to your Apple or Android device, helping you keep your mind and breathing calm and focused. Core provides biofeedback and insights after each meditation through biosensors that measured your heart and nervous system during meditation – so you can see and analyze the effects and progress of your physical and mental well-being.

The Dyson Zone.

Dyson’s portable air purifier takes health and noise cancelation to a new level by capturing city air pollution and using advanced airflow and frequency technology. Two streams of filtered air are directed by compressors in each earcup through the non-contact visor to the nose and mouth after being pulled through dual-layer filters. The visor’s baffles ensure that the pure airflow is maintained and diluted as little as possible by crosswinds from the outside. The noise reduction (ANC) and neutral frequency response, in addition to noise cancelation, also ensure accurate audio reproduction. In other words, the device is a multi-talent that contributes to both health and music enjoyment!