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WRITTEN BY: Dr Nataliya Sanytska, Dermatology & Aesthetic at Hortman Clinic.
In this unique era of rapid change and evolving trends, encouraged by the sense of possibility created by advancing technology, the concept of beauty has also altered, and aesthetic preferences have shifted.

Plastic surgery has become increasingly acceptable, offering remarkable transformations. However, there is one constant: the desire to maintain a youthful, attractive, and confident appearance naturally as possible..

Here are five reasons why facial lifts are not necessary for everyone:

1. Our unique natural beauty is priceless, and preserving its value for as long as possible is within our means to achieve with available resources.

2. By taking care of our health through proper nutrition and supplements, we promote daily renewal and recovery processes. Our bodies have the incredible self-regulatory mechanisms and intricate biochemical processes to want to bring the body into balance, but we need to prioritise our health and focus on preventive care. It is vital to support our overall health with good eating habits, even taking additional supplements to provide the necessary building blocks to prevent degradation and foster the generation of new cells and essential components like collagen and elastin, which slow down signs of aging. In aesthetic medicine, preventive treatments such as PRP therapy and skin boosters with hyaluronic acid and essential ingredients can hydrate the skin and stimulate rejuvenation processes.

3. Using a personalised skincare routine with medical grade formulas, which deliver active ingredients, can provide a shield and aid for our skin. Aesthetic Dermatology can assess our skin’s condition, identify factors crucial for its health, and through this understanding help find a safe customised program to meet our beauty needs.

4. Understanding the aging process means taking a gradual multi-Level approach to treating aging signs and restoring true health and beauty. Aesthetic treatments now encompass a wide range of injectables, machine treatments, and other methods to achieve desired results. The perfect approach considers how aging takes place, looks at tissue changes at different levels and individual anatomy. We can support at different levels, from deep tissue to skin level treatments.

· At the tissue level, we can use SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) to ensure the soft tissue is in the right place. Ulthera, the gold standard for SMAS therapy, provide remarkable results, including reduced ptosis, sculptural enhancements, and an uplifted appearance.

· Next, we look at any excess fat tissues, which change the contour of the face, that can be melted using Ulthera therapy without down time.

· Afterwards we look at the skin level, to support the shape of the face with the methods suitable for each face, and that depends on our unique features.

· Then we have the surface of the skin, where we can treat small lines, folds, scars and pigmentations.

5. Viewing what we see as our ‘imperfections’ in our appearance as the things that makes us individually beautiful. The secret to finding this perspective is practising self -love and self -acceptance. This feeds our confidence to be in the skin that we were born with and stand with ourselves as a friend through life’s journey.

The secret to non-surgical, healthy face lifting lies in a combination of factors:

1. Prevention and regular skincare to combat aging.

2. Individualized rejuvenation programs tailored to unique needs.

3. Multilevel treatments addressing the deep tissue (SMAS), fat levels, and skin levels using various methods like fillers, threads, and RF Microneedling.

4. Maintaining and preserving results with specialized medical care.

5. Embracing self-love.

In this time of advanced aesthetics and holistic approaches to beauty, facial lifts are no longer a necessity. By following these principles, individuals can achieve noticeable, natural-looking results and maintain their unique beauty while embracing self-care and love.

Dr Nataliya Sanytska, Dermatology & Aesthetic at Hortman Clinic.