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Lady Gaga is being praised for not retouching her Haus Beauty promo images

And fans are obsessed....
Do you remember when Lady Gaga filed for Haus Beauty last year? Well, the first promo images are here and fans are obsessed with them...

Finding the right beauty products for your skin can be quite daunting and honestly, overwhelming. You’re left with immense choice as to which brands to use, which shades match your skin perfectly and, wondering if they’re going to look just as good on you as they do on the model promoting it.

Thankfully, there’s a new beauty brand saying it (or in this case, showing it) as it is, and that’s Lady Gaga‘s new Haus Beauty brand.

Overnight, promotional images from the new beauty label have been leaked and it features the singer fronting her own products. And whilst she does look as good as always, Lady Gaga was praised by the internet for releasing images that appeared to be unedited.

Whilst it has not yet been confirmed that these are finalised images for Haus Beauty, we can all agree that she still looks pretty good, right?

Lady Gaga (yes, she’s a woman of many, many, talents) first brought attention to her beauty label last year when she filed a trademark for Haus Beauty and it covered everything from cosmetics to perfumes and skincare.

And whilst she’s been subtlety dropping hints every now and then — the singer even uses hashtags including #hausbeauty and #hausofgaga on Instagram — it has only gotten fans more excited, tbh.

With the rumoured promo images to have been leaked, we’re guessing we’ll be able to get our hands on Haus Beauty products pretty soon.

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