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A talk with Marco De Vincenzo.
Prepare to be dazzled as Etro revamps its flagship boutique at Dubai Mall, igniting the Middle East with a burst of fresh energy. From its humble beginnings in 2009, this iconic store has undergone a breathtaking transformation, masterfully crafted by the visionary Claudia Campone of Thirtyone Design + Management. With a proven track record of excellence seen in previous collaborations in Cannes and Monte Carlo, Campone brings her magic once again to Etro's doorstep.

But that’s not all! Etro isn’t just revamping its physical space; it’s revolutionizing the fashion scene with the launch of ETRO UNIQUE. Gentlemen, get ready to experience luxury like never before with this exclusive Made-to-Order service. And hold onto your seats because Etro is about to redefine advertising as we know it! Their cutting-edge ADV campaign, helmed by the brilliant Marco De Vincenzo in collaboration with digital artist extraordinaire Silvia Badalotti, takes you on a journey beyond imagination. Using AI to weave together surreal landscapes and scenarios, this campaign blurs the lines between artistry and technology, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of fashion with the SS24 collection.

With the launch of the innovative ADV campaign for the SS24 collection, which leverages AI to create synthetic images of imaginary places and scenarios, how do you believe this collaboration with Marco De Vincenzo and digital artist Silvia Badalotti will redefine the boundaries between human creativity and machine execution in the fashion industry? And how does it contribute to ETRO’s vision for the future of fashion marketing?

Silvia Badalotti is a human being who uses AI instead of a camera, as a means of expression. This was enough to explain to me how synergistic the relationship between man and technology can be and how art is always the best way to explore new communication possibilities. At Etro we are exploring new universes, learning new languages, and writing the future day by day.

What’s different and special about the newly opened Dubai Mall boutique?

The idea is to create boutiques that partially differ from each other, to strengthen the idea of ​​uniqueness. We are happy to have opened the first one in Dubai because we love to be contaminated by cultures different from ours. The artworks in the store are the normal consequence of a relationship that Etro and art have always had. The founder, Gerolamo, is a passionate collector.

How is technology making and breaking fashion nowadays in your opinion?

Technology is speeding up everything. On the one hand, it is a perpetual window overlooking the world, a constant inspiration, on the other any idea burns out quickly. I would say that we have to deal with the pros and cons of increasingly faster and globalized communication.

What’s your favorite look from the women’s collection? How about men?

I arrived here 1 and a half years ago; I like to manage all the categories and harmonize them with each other. I would say that at the moment I love the whole, I couldn’t choose just one piece.

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to? How do these activities inspire you?

I’m reading a book about the great extinctions that occurred centuries ago on Earth. It is incredible how our civilization is so recent and yet has had such a profound impact on the balance of our planet. At the moment I care very much about the problem of the exploitation of natural resources.

What are Marco De Vincenzo’s plans in 2024?

Fashion for me is an addiction. I would say that I would like to continue expressing myself through it.

What your motto at work and in life?

To be kind. Kindness works miracles in my opinion.

Your recent FW24 show in Milan received widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to merging traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements. Can you share some insights into the inspirations behind this collection and how you see it resonating with today’s fashion landscape?

I wanted to tell my journey as a creative at the helm of Etro, my conflict between feeling an author and an interpreter at the same time. Like Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey, I let myself go to discover new worlds, but always with the idea of ​​returning to the starting point in mind. This collection was born from respect for the brand’s codes and from overcoming them, from the search for a balance between past and future.