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These are the new Instagram tools you need to know about

More reason to 'gram
If you've got an Instagram update pending, you might want to do it sooner rather than later because these cool new features have been added...

It’s not like we could spend anymore time on Instagram even if we tried #sorrynotsorry. We’re totally those people who wake up and go to sleep with IG and pretty much spend every waking moment scrolling up and down our feeds. Think we’re obsessed? Well, we’re not the only ones. Sharing in our happy addiction are 1 billion people are the world who use the social media app. Look at it from this perspective though: we’re all connected to each other’s narratives, and we get to see a very detailed and zoomed in world. You can’t say that ain’t beautiful, right? Especially since we’ve so evolved beyond the standard #avocadotoast post – life on the ‘gram is a full fledged digital business world now. 

Just recently the app was decked out with a bunch of cool features including the new checkout function (e-shopping got a whole lot better) and Dior’s new AR tool so you can try thing’s on virtually. 

But things just got even more slick because Instagram’s unveiled a range of new tools for 2019 and we’re going to break them down for you here…

– FINALLY. A ‘seek bar’ is coming our way. This means you will be able to skip forward or rewind back to a point in a video you want to watch. FINALLY. 

– Another update will let brands pay to promote sponsored content on Instagram. This means sponsored influencer posts can be spread across the social media platform in order to find targeted users who do not already follow the influencer. Savvy. 

– Off the back of that feature, it will also allow anyone to apply for access to Instagram’s paid partnership tag. Brands will be allowed to pay to boost posts, giving them more space to consider partnerships with smaller, more specifically on-brand influencer. 

– The people behind Instagram will be on higher alert for fake followers and engagement so brand’s can rest assured they are picking legitimate influencers who deliver genuine results. 

– ‘Creator Accounts’ is also a new service provided to give more analytical insights for macro influencers who want to understand and grow their audience further.

In a world where influencers are well, taking over the world, these tools will prove very handy indeed…

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