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Regional artists come together for #ExpressYourself project

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, wearing a mask to cover your mouths does not mean you can't be expressive...

It goes without saying that for the past few months, we’ve been living in desperate times — and we’re in need of desperate actions.

Whilst the global health crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement are just some of the major hurdles we’re currently facing, humanity is working together (more so than ever) to fight the pandemic and stand up for what’s right. And let’s be honest, there is plenty to say.

Whether it’s expressing your emotions and thoughts through dance, music, poetry or photography, there are several ways and platforms for you to express yourselves — all by using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

A slew of artists and creatives from the region have come together to create a series of illustrations that will allow people to be expressive. Due to the pandemic, you may think it’s hard to express yourselves with a face mask (what our new normal has turned to), however, you’ll be able to with a personal message.

The #ExpressYourself project gathers artists including Angela Bardakjian, Thuymi Do, Ali Kashwani and Aysha Al Hemrani to create an illustration with a blank mask using their iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Their followers will then be able to save the design and ask them to create what ‘message’ they want to spread.

Discover some of the artists’ work below…

Thuymi Do took to the Apple gadgets to express herself in a new way: “Being so much on gadgets, I have lost my hobbies to paint and draw. I haven’t done so for over 5 years but having a piece of technology (my iPad) on which I am able to do my regular work but  also enables me to use the Apple Pencil as a creative tool again to create digital art is a life changer. I have silenced my craft for years but now I am glad that I am able to express myself again in a new way!”

She then went on to explain that “with social media and the rise of people with bigger reach and strong opinions, we tend to feel scared to have our own opinions that might be different. We want to be approved and we want to avoid confrontation, so we tend to silence ourselves. Because we are blessed to have technology and platforms to speak up, I think that more than ever it is important to #ExpressYourself and share your own views with pride as long as it is done with respect.”

“I worked on this project to give my audience a platform to share their voices, reach out and be supportive in today’s world where most of us are still self quarantining and living 2020 in isolation. Yet we are lucky to be living in a century where all of us can connect online,” explains design creative, Bardakjian.

“Express yourself” and “Speak Up” is an initiative aimed to raise awareness, spread positivity, and create a better tomorrow through art, photography, and design. Helping the world may be seen as challenging but not impossible. Therefore, I have decided to take the project further by creating the “Speak Up” merchandise where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to specified organizations. My thoughts and feelings drive me to express myself through art and lettering. It is freeing and experimental. And now creating my art with the iPad Pro is helping me work remotely and connect with people from around the world by sharing my voice through my art wherever I go.”

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