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Boucheron has launched a podcast series

Boucheron has launched a new podcast series, “true stories" narrated by Guillaume Gallienne...

Boucheron has officially jumped on the podcast wagon and released a five-part series titled ‘For Better and for Worse’. As the maison has been around for over a century (Boucheron was the first jeweller of the Place Vendôme), its roster of clients includes a plethora of famous personalities and now, you’ll be able to get insight into their lives.

The podcast series is dedicated to the most incredible marriage stories witnessed by the maison and whilst each episode is approximately 10 minutes, you’ll be delighted to listen to the fabulous adventures of Anna Gould, Consuelo Vanderbilt, Lady Curzon and Dame Greville, all voiced by French actor Guillaume Gallienne.

Being in the business for 162 years, Boucheron is bound to have plenty of stories to share and every historical detail has been thoroughly researched by the maison.

The podcast is available in English on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud and you’ll be able to tune in for a new episode every week from June 15th.

Now, look no further than Boucheron’s newest novelties for your summer jewellery pieces.