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Gather up your square-toe shoes. They’re this summer’s footwear fancy

Dare to square
This next summer footwear trend might cause some uneasiness. But here's why we think you should have an open mind...

Square-toe shoes are having a moment. Before you shudder at the thought of it, hear us out. We are fully aware that said type of shoe has historically been met with negativity. But seeing it everywhere from street style to the runway probably suggests we should alter our definition of them. Or at the very least, accept that they are here to stay. 

What we love about a square-toe is that it strikes a perfect medium between functionality and fashion and even though the shape of it lends to this idea of rigidity, the comfort factor is next-level. 

And not to mention, it’s very much a thing of the 90s – and since we are still in a resurgence of that epoch, we’re channelling every part of the decade. 

Take a look at this and past season’s iterations of the square-toe which, you can’t deny, will make a great addition to your wardrobe. From Miu Miu to Versace to A.W.A.K.E, everyone’s caught on the trend…

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Well, if the fash pack/designers give their seal of approval, then I guess we can dare to square, too. 

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