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Dior is delving deep into a dream for Haute Couture ’21

There's a sense of mystery and magic in Dior's new Haute Couture '21 collection show...
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The fashion industry is currently at a crossroads: either reinvent itself and adapt to a new normal or wait for the global health crisis to flatten the curve and return back to the usual routine. 

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, living in lockdown meant to find an escape from the outside world and delve deep into a dream that was mysterious, magical and mythological, too. 

For her latest Haute Couture collection for Dior, the Creative Director highlighted female figures who have inspired her (a repetitive message we’ve seen throughout each of her collections) and this time, paid tribute to the works of Surrealist figures including Dora Maar, Leonora Carrington and Lee Miller.

Whilst we’ve had to adopt a new way of viewing the latest collections, the French fashion house called upon Matteo Garrone (one of Italy’s prominent directors) to capture the essence of the collection – all through an imaginative eye. 

Hence a film, titled Le Mythe Dior, was born adding a dose of fantasy to rediscovering Dior’s Atelier, its craftsmanship and its longstanding ode to nature. 

The collection (as stunning as always) exercised the maison’s tailoring and creativity, each silhouette embedded in tones inspired by the paintings of Leonora Carrington and Dorothea Tanning. 

Not only did the film highlight the beauty of the collection but Chiuri’s expertise, together with Garrone, took it back to the early days of Haute Couture by showcasing the collection through a miniature scale of the silhouette of a fashion doll – this was how the dresses and outfits imagined by the designers were presented to customers.

The collection was brought to life by Dior’s mythological creatures and in case you missed it, rewatch the Haute Couture film here…


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