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ASOS is launching a training programme for its designers focused on sustainability

In partnership with London College of Fashion
In the latest eco-friendly move by ASOS, the e-commerce giant has announced the launch of a new program...

Last month, ASOS made a major announcement surrounding the sale of controversial materials on site, revealing that from 2019 it will no longer sell cashmere, mohair, silk or feathers on site. Now, the company has announced that it is launching a new training programme for designers centred around sustainability. 

Partnering with the London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion, the programme will focus on equipping the site’s designers with the tools needed to create sustainable clothing. 

Speaking with Elle UK, Vanessa Spence, the Design Director at ASOS, said, “With this pilot we’re making sure our designers have the knowledge and skills they need to put sustainability and circularity into practice. [We’re] on a journey to designing products with circularity in mind right from the start, which will ensure that they are made responsibly, remain in use for as long as possible once they’re sold and don’t cause unnecessary waste at the end of their lives.” 

After all, being kind to the environment is more than a passing trend. 

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