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It’s all about the raw and the refined in Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall ’20 collection

This Pre-Fall, Alexander McQueen's collection ranks high on our lists...
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Sarah Burton has mastered the art of embedding Alexander McQueen’s cultural identity in every collection she produces for the brand. 

Her approach to feminine power is well-recognised in the silhouettes and for Pre-Fall ’20, it’s no different. 

With an elegant take on modernism, the seasonal collection carries a powerful punch of grunge, colour variations, asymmetric hemlines and sculptural silhouettes. 

And whilst that’s just the clothes, the Pre-Fall ’20 collection also carries a coveted selection of accessories (hello new skull sunglasses, we’re eyeing you), footwear and handbags, bound to become next season’s pieces of arm candy. 

Bright mineral colours including gold, silver, copper, crystal, opaque and metal hues adorn new variations of the brand’s Story family. There are also new mini variations which include the mini sphere clutch, the mini vertical clutch and the myth cylinder. 

On the footwear front, styles include pointed toe knee-high and ankle boots, mary-jane pumps and sandals, complete with the Alexander McQueen aesthetic. 

The collection is available at the Alexander McQueen Boutique in The Dubai Mall and online

Now, discover Alexander McQueen’s newest piece of arm candy

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