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In conversation with: Francesca Mambrini

Let's talk shoes
Love a good shoe? Francesca Mambrini is the woman to know...
A master of eyecatching footwear, Francesca Mumbrini crafts exquistely unique heels for the woman who dresses from the feet up. Her chic designs have been worn by the likes of Hailey Baldwin and Toni Garrn, and here the designer chats with Buro 24/7 Middle East contributor Farouk Chekoufi about how she got into the business of shoes and working with women.
What made you want to become a shoe designer?
As a child I used to wander around my grandmother’s Roman atelier where magnificent hats were created for the celebrities of the Dolce Vita. This is where I got my passion for fashion and for this wonderful job.
How would you describe your current state?
Happiness and surprise for how the Francesca Mambrini brand is getting positive approval and being researched in France and abroad.
Francesca Mambrini
Fashion fades, style remains — how does this quote apply to your brand? 
The Francesca Mambrini brand is me; it’s my soul, colourful, feminine and chic. I love art and design and I pour these passions into all the collections. I love style and stylish people. 
How do you decide on the theme of your collections?
The research on the colour palette, the materials, the embroidery and the applications are very careful studied in order to add a particular and unique note to each collection.
How do you keep your ideas and the creative dialogue fresh?
I travel often and everywhere, not only in the fashion capitals, to discover the most up-to-date detail to be included in the next collection.
How would you describe your style?
Feminine, fun, unexpected and exclusive.
Francesca Mambrini
What’s the most outlandish detail you included in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection?
The small coloured crystal bees that decorate the decollettes, boots and ballerina shoes.
Can you describe your design and the creative team working with you?
Only women who love to discover, research and have fun creating.
What do you think of social media?
It is very important of course, but at the same time also very fast and does not allow you to pause on the most beautiful things. In fact, I still love printed paper because of its “contemplative” nature.
What has changed the most since you’ve been designing?
The speed in which trends, collections, and influences change. It’s more difficult to keep up with but at the same time is also more stimulating.
I think Francesca Mambrini satisfies the desire for something unique, particular, and distinctive. Built in the best way, with passion and craftsmanship.
What does the Francesca Mambrini brand offer to consumers?
I think Francesca Mambrini satisfies the desire for something unique, particular, and distinctive. Built in the best way, with passion and craftsmanship.
Your favourite colour?
Two non-colours: black and white! And yellow! These are the colours of the Francesca Mambrini brand.
Your favourite stone?
Your favourite metal?
Francesca Mambrini
Your favourite fabric?
What does luxury mean for you today?
Having time to enjoy every moment of life.
How do you feel about “see now buy now”?
It is positive. With the speed of things today you cannot wait six months to buy the new collections, but we should find a solution to extend the life cycle of products.
What do you think of the Middle Eastern market?
It is very interesting and full of creative ideas.
Francesca Mambrini
How many stores and flagships do you have today around the world?
The Francesca Mambrini brand does not have mono-brand boutiques by choice, but we have an online store that delivers all over the world as well as being sold at some important department stores like Printemps in Paris. 
Who is your muse?
I have no muse. I am inspired by a woman who is a mix of happiness, beauty, femininity and strength.