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Un-cancel your summer plans with Cala De La Cruz’s new collection on Matchesfashion

Matchesfashion introduces *the* resortwear collection to own this summer...
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Stuck in quarantine has led to shopping a ton online and whilst we’re conscientious about it, we just can’t help ourselves endlessly scroll through Matchesfashion‘s latest offerings. 

The luxury e-commerce platform just introduced us to Cala De La Cruz’s latest collection and trust us when we say that you’ll be refusing to say summer is “cancelled” for 2020 – given the current pandemic. 

The Columbian brand’s latest resortwear offering is spirited with Latin American energy – think vibrant, bold and unique – consisting of pieces made with a conscious mindset.

The collection brims with timeless silhouettes adorned in elevated graphics, retro-imbued florals and mix-and-match pairings, making the perfect essentials for a staycation or catching some rays beachside. 

BURO. loves: We’re obsessed with the fact that Cala De La Cruz’s homeland is a main focus during production, with all styles made by small local businesses to support a responsible lifecycle. 


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