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From celebrities to designers...
Step into an inspiring world of Middle Eastern glamour as the 76th Cannes Film Festival unveils a parade of Arab designers and celebrities on the red carpet!

From stunning couture creations to impeccable styling, the fashion landscape becomes a canvas of exquisite artistry and cultural richness. Leading the charge, Arab designers have captivated the global fashion scene with their distinct aesthetics and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. As the spotlight shines upon the Cannes red carpet, their talent flourishes, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

One name that reigns supreme is none other than Elie Saab, the visionary couturier who never fails to transport us into a world of opulence and romance. His designs embraced the bodies of A-list celebrities with sheer grace. Exquisite embellishments and intricate embroidery brought a touch of timeless elegance to the red carpet, making hearts skip a beat. Another luminary, Zuhair Murad, dazzled Cannes with his ability to transform every garment into a work of art. Celebrities floated down the carpet in gowns that seemed to defy gravity. Let us not forget the effortlessly chic creations by Rami Kadi, whose fearless approach to silhouettes and bold color palettes made a bold statement on the red carpet. The fusion of traditional elements with modern cuts allowed celebrities to embody confidence, empowering them to become beacons of style and individuality.

Beyond the mesmerizing designs, the red carpet was graced by the luminous presence of Arab celebrities. From captivating performances to influential roles in the film industry, these stars brought their undeniable charm and grace to Cannes.  As we reflect on the breathtaking moments witnessed on the Cannes red carpet, we cannot help but celebrate the below creativity and ingenuity that  have elevated the festival’s allure and enriched the tapestry of global fashion.

Alessia Merzlova in Tony Ward Couture.

Amira Al Zuhair in a custom Rami kadi.

Grace Elizabeth in custom Rami Kadi.

iris Mittenaere in Tony Ward Couture.

Rose Bertram in Rami Kadi.

Sarah Sampaio in Zuhair Murad.

Zhang Luki in Tony Ward Couture.

Tara Emad wearing Chanel.

Kat Graham in Tony Ward Couture.