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If this doesn't make you move, we don't know what will!
With a lot of devotion and emotion, BURO collaborates with Fendi on a video story with a lot of motion, starring Beirut's blazing pop star Shana & the brand's newly launched Origami Bag.

Have you got the notion? No? Let us tell you what it’s all about. Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Artistic Director behind Fendi’s Accessories and Menswear, offers a heartfelt tribute to the innate versatility of the House as she crafts a shape that seamlessly metamorphoses between two distinct personas: that of a bucket and a tote bag. The result? The Origami bag. The name given to this must-have accessory, “Origami,” draws inspiration from the age-old Japanese art of folding paper sheets into intricate decorations. In parallel, the FENDI Origami boasts a sophisticated architecture composed of 38 distinct elements, akin to the artful complexity of origami itself. It undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, transitioning from its initial cubic bucket shape, a stunning convergence of 8 magnets that assemble at the heart, evoking a beguiling, flower-like geometry, to an elegant, flattened trapezoidal form, reminiscent of a chic shopper. Tiny leather straps adorning the bag’s flanks aren’t just mere details; they’re delightful tools that, when tugged, unlock the bag’s secrets. These ingenious elements personify the FENDI Origami’s versatility, a signature hallmark of the illustrious FENDI Maison. As a finishing flourish, an exquisite pendant graces the bag’s exterior, boasting golden metal FENDI Roma lettering in perfect harmony with the accompanying key ring.

Now back to our story with motion, in an inspiring dance video, the pop star singer ‘Ss.hh.ana’ effortlessly fused music and movement with Fendi and fashion. With each electrifying step, her mesmerizing performance accentuated the elegance and dynamism of the Origami bag she carried. As she swayed to the rhythm, the bag became an extension of her artistic expression, perfectly syncing with her every graceful twirl and spirited spin. This collaboration between the artist’s charisma, the bag’s characteristic and BURO created a harmonious visual story that will leave us and hopefully you, fashion enthusiasts and dance aficionados alike in awe… This bag isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement piece, mirroring Shana’s passion for both music and style, effortlessly blending rhythm and runway.