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The theme for Art Dubai 2019’s Global Art Forum has been announced

Back to school
Art Dubai's Global Art Forum 2019 will focus on the topic of education this year...

Start planning your March everyone as you’ve got two full days of thought-provoking culture coming your way. 

Following on from the previous year’s theme of automation, the 13th edition of Art Dubai’s Global Art Forum will put education in the spotlight with the central question: “School is a Factory?” Interested? Yep, so are we.  

Happening on March 20-21 2019, you can expect some hard-hitting talking points to get the wires going such as “What should education prioritise in the coming decade?”, “How should humans be taught in the age of accelarated mechanisation?” and “Is the notion of ‘learning for life’ just an opportunitistic tagline?”

It’s all coming together with a roster of speakers weighing in on the topic, too including Curator of Contour Biennale 9 Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez and Designer Amir Berbic. Plus, Initiators of Campus in Camps Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti will be in conversation with Fawz Kabra talking about new ways of learning and sharing experiences in ‘School is the Commons?’ 

The forum’s full programme will be announced later this month. Stay tuned to Buro. Middle East for the reveal. 

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