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Revealed: The Word of the Year for 2019 is…

And here's what is really means has just revealed its annual 'Word of the Year' and it's likely not what you think...

2019 has been quite an eventful year to say the least, and as we’re nearing the end of the year, there’s one word that pretty much sums it up.

For 2019, chose “existential” as its ‘Word of the Year’ as “it captures a sense of grappling with the survival-literally and figuratively-of our planet, our loved ones, our ways of life”. Yep, heavy stuff.

The word was primarily searched in conjunction with climate change, gun violence and democratic institutions, according to

The word “inspires us to ask big questions about who we are and what our purpose is in the face of our various challenges — and it reminds us that we can make choices about our lives in how we answer those questions.”

Following “existential”, the 2019 runner-up for ‘Word of the Year’ is “Nonbinary” — noting or relating to a person with a gender identity that does not fit into the male/female divisions.

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