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Brooklyn Beckham plays an important role in a Netflix series

Very sophisticated
It turns out the celebrity spawn is a natural behind the camera...

Brooklyn Beckham was practically born into a life of privilege. Being the son of Victoria and David Beckham means he can pretty much rest on his laurels and float about through life if he wanted to. BUT, his parents would never let him get away with that.

If you’ve followed their parenting style you’ll know that they have always instilled the value of hard graft in their children. Rightfully so. Just look at how hard VB works

In fact, Junior Becks has already proven himself a worthy photographer having launched his book, What I See which involves visual storytelling across over 300 photos. 

And now, it turns out, he’s quite the maverick behind a film lens, too. He has been recruited to be one of Sir David Attenborough’s camera men for Netflix’s highly acclaimed Our Planet series. 

Apparently his big social media following has landed him this gig – that and a keen interest in climate change. Our Planet looks at the distressing effects of climate change and what we need to do about it as a planet. It was shot in extreme locations across the globe, from South American jungles to the Arctic Tundra.

After his integral involvement on the series, Junior Becks took to Instagram and uploaded an appreciation video for his time on location in Kenya’s Masaai Mara. He mentioned that he loved “escaping to another world” for a bit and learning “how to film the wildlife”. He’s so caring and conscious. Swoon..


Well, his CV is looking pretty promising to say the least…!

The latest eight-part series of Our Planet is supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature is available on Netflix now. 

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