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Should we be storing our makeup in a beauty fridge?

The new craze
This is the new beauty trend you need to know about for longer-lasting products...

In the age of the Marie Kondo effect (Netflix, watch it, it’s great) we’re now streamlining our ways. From folding our apparel correctly to tossing out objects that no longer give us joy, 21st century life is a whole lot better when we let go of the things that don’t serve us no more. 

And although it’s about omitting than adding things to our lives, we can’t help but jump on the latest bandwagon in the beauty department. 

So, it turns out, we need a fridge for our beauty products. OK OK, storing your precious and pricey face cream is not that revolutionary but having a fridge exclusively dedicated to your products, kind of is. 

Right now the best ones on the market come from – their Instagram is hella cute, FYI, and their tagline is even cuter: Facemask and chill. We’re vibing this very much so. 


The recommended products to store in your fridge are as follows:

– Facial rollers. Yep, the cooler they are, the better the lymph drainage = visible glow. 

–  Sheet masks. Keep them in the fridge for a more refreshing, tightening and brightening effect. 

– Day creams. Duh. It will firm up your skin better. 

– Face mists. You’ll thank us when summer really rears its head in…

– Nail polish. No more goopiness when stored in cool temperatures. 

If anything we love the idea of upping our bathroom game, and then ‘gramming it for proof. 

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