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CHANEL transforms its iconic N°5 into collector’s items

CHANEL celebrates one hundred years of the iconic N°5 with the introduction of the CHANEL Factory 5...

Out of all the perfumes in the world, there’s only one in particular that stands out and it’s CHANEL N°5. Synonymous with elegance and simplicity, the fragrance has been around for one hundred years and has cemented itself in beauty’s hall of icons. 

Now, the CHANEL N°5 has reached its one hundred years of existence and to celebrate its centennial, perfumer Ernest Beaux’s classic floral aldehyde fragrance has been reimagined in an achingly cool way. Introducing CHANEL Factory 5.

CHANEL has launched a completely new collection with N°5 as its sole ingredient. A total of 17 everyday objects that offer new ways to love and layer the iconic scent have arrived in Dubai in a quirky packaging that is divided into three themes: a paint atelier, a garage and a kitchen.

Introduced in limited-edition packaging to remind us all that wearing N°5 transforms the ordinary, the CHANEL Factory includes bath tablets in a tea tin, shower gel in a paint tin, body cream in a tube, bath lotion in a squeeze bottle and body oil in an oil tin (our personal favourite).

The Factory N°5 line is available in CHANEL’s fragrance beauty boutique in The Dubai Mall. 

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