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Glow up with Maggie & Annie.
Buro speaks to Benefit Cosmetics' chief beauty ambassadors Maggie Ford Danielson & Annie Ford Danielson to bring you the best beauty tips and tricks.

Meet Annie Ford Danielson & Maggie Ford Danielson, two radiant forces in the world of beauty, daughters and nieces of co-founders Jean & Jane Ford. Annie joined the Benefit family in 2008 after completing her studies in Art History. Her career blossomed from humble beginnings as a sales associate in exquisite boutiques, eventually leading her to grace the esteemed halls of the Product Development team for a remarkable span of five years. It was within this sanctuary of creativity that she found herself in harmonious collaboration with the luminary head of product innovation, conjuring forth two of Benefit’s most revered treasures: the captivating best-selling mascara known as They’re Real! and the cherished cream highlighter that radiates pure enchantment, Watt’s Up. 

Just like Annie, Maggie also joined Benefit in 2008 after spending her early career in New  York City working at a marketing firm. Her journey with Benefit commenced from afar, as she took care of orchestrating extraordinary special events for esteemed department stores dotting the East Coast. However, destiny called her back to San Francisco in 2013, where she became Account Director for the esteemed Home Shopping Network (HSN). Within the hallowed halls of Benefit’s empire, a flame of compassion ignited within her heart, propelling her towards a noble cause. In the year 2015, she stood at the very genesis of a philanthropic marvel known as Bold is Beautiful. This visionary project, a beacon of empowerment for women and girls across the globe, aimed to reshape destinies and awaken untapped potential. Through its unwavering dedication, Bold is Beautiful has emerged as a harbinger of hope, raising a staggering sum of over $21 million USD to date, an enduring testament to the power of collective goodness.

  • What is your morning and night skincare routine?

ANNIE: In the morning I use foaming cleanser, but at night is when I do a lot more as I start with a double cleanse. About every three nights I do my Deep Retreat clay mask to clarify and clear out my pores and then I use the Tight N Toned foaming toner to finish my routine.

MAGGIE: I wash my face both in the AM and the PM with our gentle foaming cleanser however, at night, I do a double cleanse with our Get Unblocked oil cleanser first, to remove not only my makeup but also my SPF. I use retinol 1-2x a week and I also use our Tight N’ Toned foaming AHA toner 1-2 times a week to really get the most exfoliation possible.

  • Can you share some easy tips and tricks?

ANNIE: I would say with skincare it’s good to add in one new product a week. It’s good to see how your skin is affected by it and then continue to add until you are at a routine that you love. Don’t forget to seasonally review what you are using and every few months switch it up to keep your skin from getting to “used” to your routine

MAGGIE: for my skin, less is more. I keep my routine simple and the # of products you use on a daily basis really depends on your individual skin type. Annie’s skin loves a new skincare “challenge”. Mine does NOT No matter how many steps your routine is, remember to layer products from thin to thick.

  • What are your must-have skincare essentials for the summer?

ANNIE: I would say Speedy Smooth mask and The Porefessional Primer are my two summer go to products. I tend to spend a lot of time out in the sun and swimming, so my skin gets dry, Speedy Smooth is the perfect instant refresh for my skin and The Porefessional Primer keeps everything smooth and fresh all day.

MAGGIE: Our Get Unblocked oil cleanser is a must in order to gently and effectively remove SPF. I also tend to break out more in the summer so the Deep Retreat clay mask is great to use 1-2 x a week to keep my pore clear.

  • In addition to a good skincare routine, what other tools or techniques do you use to maintain healthy skin?

ANNIE: First and most important, water and sleep! I don’t get enough of either of these two things, so I make sure to rely heavily on double masking with Deep Retreat and Speedy Smooth.

MAGGIE: I try to get a facial every 6-8 weeks which would include extractions and dermabrasion. I break out if I don’t keep my pores clear and my dead skin exfoliated properly. Also changing my pillowcase 2x a week helps with that as well.

  • What valuable skincare tips have you discovered that transformed your approach to your skincare routine?

ANNIE: I would say that I go through phases where I am skincare obsessed and then also lazy at times. It’s good to have a daily routine and then a day a week where you can really indulge in a whole “spa like” moment. For me I barely have time to wash my face in the morning with my busy family so I have committed to my evening routine as best I can. I say whatever you can do is enough and if you can really treat yourself, then go for it.

MAGGIE: Keeping a routine is critical for skin. There are so many new things launching, but if you have something you like, stay with it. The grass isn’t always greener!