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Guerlain’s Creative Director Olivier Echaudemaison sees beauty in every woman

And that's why Rouge G's newest range is our favourite yet
"Every woman is unique and her favourite shade is hers alone" – sage words spoken by Guerlain's Creative Director Olivier Echaudemaison. He speaks exclusively to Buro. Middle East about the latest Rouge G lipstick range and how we have more choice for personalisation...

So, tell us, how do you customise your lipstick with the new It-Colour collection?

This new Rouge G collection is an extension of the current one. Now, women can choose their own shade and case through a very diverse and broad range. As I always say, every woman is unique, and her favorite shade is hers only. We wanted to extend the collection, to make the personalisation easier. The more choice you have, the better the personalisation will be – making it the perfect opportunity to find the best shade and case. 

What would you say was the main inspiration for the new Rouge G?

The main inspiration for the new Rouge Gs is of course, women. Women inspire me every day. I started to work in fashion, and then as a hairdresser. My motto was to let them dream and feel better with their own natural beauty. Rouge G is a true and strong lipsticks collection, based on the personalisation. If we want to create a lipstick that reflects at best their personality, we had to offer them more choices of personalisation…this is why we created a new range.

Rouge G has been around for a decade. How has it evolved?

Back in 2009 with the jeweler Lorenz Baümer, we imagined the beautiful and nomad lipstick of today: The Rouge G. We wanted to offer something revolutionary, mixing exclusivity and modernity, with the idea of helping women to feel comfortable in any situation. The double-mirror case of Rouge G is now considered a true innovation for makeup. In 2019, we launched new shades and new cases. This year, Rouge G has become semi-matte, with 12 new shades. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid for plumped-up lips and black seed oil to hydrate at best the lips.
For the cases, we launched 8 new double-mirror cases, with glamourous and couture patterns.

Tell us how this the eight new double mirror cases designed by the Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer workout? 

These eight new double mirrors are part of the continuity of the Rouge G cases. Still designed by Lorenz Baümer, they are adorned with a vibrant monochrome leather effect. As Rouge G is truly considered a jewel, this time we wanted to go further, making them as couture objects. Once you combine your perfect shade and your ideal case that suit the best with your personality, Rouge G becomes your essential accessory. And much more than a simple lipstick.

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How do you feel when people say that makeup is just a mask or too much?   

Each person has their own vision of makeup. For some people, makeup is part of their personalities, as it allows them to show their inner creativity, or to simply highlight their natural beauty. I would say that makeup should never be considered a mask. It always helps you to express something from your personality. If you wear makeup for a party, with very glamorous red lips and catchy black eyelashes, it is because you decided to communicate this expression of yourself.

How does it feel to be Guerlain’s Global Creative Director for 19 years now?

I am very lucky to work for a brand like Guerlain. I am given the freedome to be creative and to design new makeup collections. I work with my marketing team 18 months in advance before launching a new product. I’m inspired by colours and textures but also, the packaging is key – I collaborate with designers to create beautiful objects of desire.

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