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Now we can all have ’90s supermodel lips

Thank you very much Charlotte Tilbury
The case for nostalgic '90s vibes has been a major motif in recent seasons. Beyond our wears though, Charlotte Tilbury is giving us three limited-edition lipsticks for some supermodel pout. Hello Naomi Campbell...

It definitely looks like the ’90s trend is here to stay. Because, let’s face it, there’s a reason why there’s so much nostalgia for the decade. They were literally the best years for pop culture, music and of course, makeup. While we might be seeing a serious comeback of ’90s apparel on the runway (Cc: Christy Turlington-Burns made an actual appearance since her ’90s heyday) beauty gurus are tapping into the trend too. 

Cult favourite Charlotte Tilbury is giving her darlings (that’s us and you) a new limited-edition range of lipsticks that are literally ’90’s supermodel in a tube. The three shades go by the names of: Super Nineties, Super Sexy and Super model. Easy enough to remember. 

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When Tilbury started out in the beauty industry she was engulfed by the supermodel power from Claudia to Cindy to Naomi and Kate and over the years, she’s been continually inspired by their natural beauty – her and us both. 

Tilbury said in a statement, “I have SO many amazing memories of being towered over by these Goddess supermodels, looking fabulous and incredible. They understood the power of neutral colours that would enhance their natural beauty and play-up their features – they became SUPER GORGEOUS versions of themselves!” 

Trust us, these are your new go-to shades for that ‘undone’ look. Swoon…

The Supermodel Lips limited-edition range is available now in Charlotte Tilbury Middle East stores

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