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Beauty hype: The Gucci mascara secret is out

We’re happy to give the Gucci Beauty mascara rumours the gravitas they deserve...

So now it makes perfect sense why the Gucci aw2020 makeup saw a return to tears, but the streaky mascara kind this season. There are three reasons in particular I am holding my breath until the Gucci Mascara L’Obscur bounces onto my beauty desk.

For one, all designer luxury connotations and beautiful distracting packaging aside, so far the makeup formulas have been outstanding. OK so there’s only been a lipstick, but there have been so many of them and one was so outstanding that I personally declared it The Greatest Matte Lipstick. Therefore, I think there are very good odds for the mascara formula to also be amazing, and actually I would like to take that bet please.

For two, mascara is my desert island product. I can have nothing else on my face but mascara and I can be transformed. Therefore, I eagerly fall on any newness test and test them like the investigative beauty journalist I am. And when I find a goodun I am loyal to it until I find a better model. I am quietly confident that this might be it.

For three, Alessandro Michele himself has conceived this piece of makeup joy, (it is his ‘Vision for eyes’) and I am anticipating it to be the Harry Styles of the fashion world. A bit more exciting than strictly necessary, always a feast for the eyes (and in this case, the eyelashes) and in a sea of similarities, the one you find yourself looking for first.

Here is everything we know (granted, it’s not much this far but we’ll keep you posted).

It will launch on the Gucci retail site via a @guccibeauty Instagram announcement – of course.

It will cost a bit more than you’d be comfortable telling your partner you’re paying for a mascara, but it will (probably – still speculating) be worth it.

Billed as a buildable mascara for the bold, the bright and the beautiful

Gucci Mascara L’Obscur means ‘intensely dark’ and it will be ours soon.

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