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Embarking on an extraordinary fusion of innovation and timeless craftsmanship, the realm of couture and bridal designs is now witnessing a revolution through the lens of 3D Avatar technology. This cutting-edge approach not only pushes the boundaries of technological possibilities but also seamlessly integrates with the meticulous artistry of the atelier. Join us on a journey where creativity meets technology, redefining the landscape of haute couture and bridal elegance, in conversation with Saiid Kobeisy.

How is technology making or breaking fashion?

In this rapidly evolving landscape, technology is revolutionizing and redefining every aspect of the fashion industry, from design and manufacturing to retail and consumer engagement. I see it adding a lot of positive impact on fashion, considering that the worlds of technology and fashion already complement each other; from virtual try-ons that allow customers to visualize how garments would look on them, reducing the need for returns, to personalized fashion experiences leveraging data analytics and AI algorithms, all the way to fashion shows and digital experiences that allow the audience to engage more actively with events. As technology continues to advance, there will be further integrations between these 2 industries.  

Can you take us through the process of creating couture design by 3D avatar technology?

This initiative was part of our digital acceleration and our commitment to improve the customer
experience which is at the core of our mission and brand equity.
And as every bride is always anxious to see how she would look in her dream dress and if the
sketch will be in reality a great fit, we created this avatar service which consists of customizing the
size of the avatar, with the exact measurements, hair, skin tone and facial expressions and features
of the customer; the more detailed and customized a 3D avatar is, the more time and efforts it
After finishing up with face and body customization, a garment can be then placed on the
avatar; While the toile is created and developed in the atelier, fabrics are digitally scanned and the
piece is fitted to the avatar to provide accurate visualizations of style, fit, fabric movement and
drape at every step of the consultation.
The sewing procedure is performed by exporting the scanned patterns to the program and
combining them directly on the model. After the product has been well combined, a fit check must
be made in order to ensure the precision of the product and its fit on the avatar.  
The latest innovation will also enable clients to drop their avatar in to a virtual realization of their
wedding or event for the ultimate digital curation.
With the introduction of an advanced avatar, the house is able to deliver a seamless virtual process
for our customers, from an initial virtual consultation to sophisticated visualizations throughout
the creation of their couture piece.
And in 2023, the house has expanded the limits of couture via technology, embarking on a fully
digital journey with the Couture 2.0 launch.
An immersive experience that uses the virtual world to enhance the real one. 
Using state-of-the-art tools and software, creating and altering true-to-life 3D garments has
allowed the house to save a lot of time while reducing sample production, shipment and material
waste for a more sustainable process.

Do you still use a paper and a pen?

Very rarely. Sometimes during the brainstorming sessions with my studio team, we scribble some
ideas on paper, but I find it practical to use my iPad most of the time during my constant travels
and moving from client’s appointments to internal meetings and daily commitments. It also makes
it easier for me to share notes with my team.

Are you a print or digital person? Where do you watch/read your news?

Definitely digital. As mentioned above, it’s more practical for me and I can easily switch from one
thing to the other on my digital devices.

What new technique and digital innovation inspire you the most?

The digital world presents endless opportunities for innovation. It allowed us to experiment with
shapes, colors and patterns, pushing the boundaries of design and exploring innovative concepts.
At the House of Saiid Kobeisy, we have developed tools and software that can create and alter
true-to-life 3D garments. From our atelier, our patternmakers can adjust details in real-time and
the technology supports the entire design process from concept creation to final development. It
is revolutionary that we can take a flat garment shape and digitally sew and drape it into a 3D
rendering for our clients.

What are the challenges for using 3D avatar technology?

The challenge remains with the true-to-life visualization which cannot exist without advanced
fabric testing, measurement, and analysis tools to capture the physical and visual properties of a
given fabric.
And that is the process we apply at our atelier, making sure that all material feasibility is well
studied physically before it is applied to the 3D avatar.