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Time to inspire.
Delving into the heart of timepiece excellence, this interview promises to unveil the brand's groundbreaking insights, innovations, and the pulse of the luxury watch industry. Join us as we delve into the dynamic world of HUBLOT with the visionary at its helm.

Every time we are discussing and covering Watches & Wonders, we start making some predictions about what we will be seeing…etc.  What new and exciting novelties are we expecting from Hublot this year, considering the brand’s reputation for boldness, innovation, and unique designs?

Each time we delve into the realm of watches and wonders, we find ourselves speculating on the forthcoming marvels, particularly those anticipated from Hublot. Renowned for its audacity, innovation, and unique designs, Hublot consistently captivates our attention.

At Hublot, our perpetual aim is to astonish the world. This year is no exception. We proudly introduce innovative advancements in materials, notably a new water blue Sapphire—a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries. Within this exquisite creation lies our signature manufactured movement, the MP, boasting a remarkable 14-day power reserve and featuring vertical barrels positioned at 6 o’clock. The outcome? Nothing short of breathtaking.

Hublot has consistently adopted a bold and impactful marketing approach, do you think this approach makes Hublot unique when compared to more traditional brands?

We’re a young brand born in 1980, but our aspirations are grand—we aim to become a leading, revered name in the watch industry. To achieve this, we understand the necessity of standing out, of being distinct. Our core identity, the art of fusion, embodies this ethos, bridging tradition and innovation in a truly unique manner.

We manifest this uniqueness not only through our products, which are paramount, but also through our marketing endeavors. Our communication strategy is deeply rooted in this philosophy—to be pioneers, to be different, to be unparalleled.

Take, for instance, our foray into football. It’s a testament to our commitment to breaking new ground and setting trends.

If we want to go back a little bit to history, what was the major turning point in Hublot’s history? And what do you think is the key success of Hublot to be able to compete all these years? 

Back in 1980, the establishment of Hebrew marked a pivotal moment. They unwittingly pioneered what we now recognize as the first fusion, ingeniously combining a rubber strap with an 18-karat yellow gold watch. This blend of modernity and tradition not only set a precedent but also drew inspiration from the sleek design of a boat’s portal.

The distinct identity of the watch emerged through meticulous details like screws on the bezel and bracelet attachment, solidifying its place in the industry. Then, in 2005, came the monumental Big Bang. This iconic timepiece not only made waves but reshaped the landscape of watchmaking. Drawing from the portal motif yet again, it infused boldness and innovation, incorporating materials like ceramic alongside rubber.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the Big Bang next year, it’s worth noting another significant milestone: the development of our own movement. This achievement underscores our commitment to becoming a benchmark brand in the industry, ensuring that our craftsmanship stands as a testament to our legacy.

Hublot is well knows with its partnerships and collaborations, how do you determine where your partner’s contribution begins and ends? And based on what you decide on your partners? 

Partnerships stand as pillars of paramount importance for us. While football serves as our primary platform for brand visibility, our aim extends beyond mere recognition. What we strive to foster through these collaborations is nothing short of a universe, a realm uniquely crafted by Hebrew.

Thus, we’ve ventured into various realms of art, exemplified by our early partnership with Saint Bleu, a visionary tattoo artist, back in 2016. These alliances transcend mere promotion; they birth a new breed of timepieces, blending the artistry of the creators with Hebrew’s ingenuity.

More recently, we’ve joined forces with Takashimurakami, a luminary in contemporary art, resulting in the creation of the iconic smiling flower. Beyond art, our partnerships span realms like music, with DJ Snake, and gastronomy, featuring renowned Michelin-starred chefs who double as Hebrew ambassadors.

In addition to these collaborators, we proudly celebrate our “kings” – icons in their own right. From football virtuosos like Kylian Mbappe, to tennis legend Novak Djokovic, and the incomparable speedster, Hussein Bolt, each embodies the values at the core of Hebrew.

Through these esteemed figures, we not only engage with our existing audience but also extend an invitation to those who seek to immerse themselves in the vibrant universe of Hebrew. Our relentless pursuit of expansion into new markets underscores our commitment to ensuring Hebrew remains a global phenomenon.