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An inspiring conversation.
Step into the world of luxury and creativity with an exclusive interview featuring Lucia Silvestri, the visionary Creative Director of Bulgari. Recently, we had the privilege of meeting with her in Rome while exploring Bulgari's breathtaking Aeterna collection. Join us as we delve into her insights and experiences at the helm of one of the most esteemed names in the luxury jewelry industry.

We recently discussed that ten years ago, in 2013, you became the first Creative Director at Bvlgari. Could you elaborate on the significant challenges you’ve faced in this role over the years?

Taking on the role of Creative Director was a tremendous responsibility for me, especially in preserving the brand’s DNA and heritage. While creativity comes naturally, maintaining such a vital legacy requires constant dedication and teamwork. I’m fortunate to have an exceptional team supporting me every step of the way. Our collective goal has always been to uphold the essence of Bvlgari while continuously innovating and creating breathtaking new pieces that resonate with our audience.

You mentioned earlier the importance of Bvlgari’s DNA and heritage, which spans 140 years. Could you explain what these years represent to you in terms of creativity, innovation, and art?

For me, these 140 years signify a commitment to creativity, innovation, and the celebration of beauty. Despite challenging times, we strive to share beauty and joy through our creations, offering moments of respite and appreciation amidst the turmoil. Our recent collections embody this ethos, inviting our customers to indulge in beauty and the emotions it evokes.

You’ve mentioned the male-dominated nature of the jewelry industry and the challenges involved in sourcing gemstones. Could you share more about your journey in this field?

In three words: passion, determination, and sacrifice. When young women ask me for advice, I always emphasize the importance of pursuing their dreams with unwavering determination and readiness to make sacrifices. Early in my career, I faced skepticism due to my youth and demeanor, but perseverance has allowed me to overcome these challenges and earn respect in this competitive industry.

Reflecting on your early days working with Mr. Bvlgari himself, are there any quotes or memories that still resonate with you?

I still carry with me the lessons and inspiration I gained from Mr. Bvlgari and others during my formative years. They continue to guide me in my role and fuel my passion for this craft.

The Aeterna Collection symbolizes eternity and timelessness. Can you describe the process behind creating such a significant collection for Bvlgari’s anniversary?

The process typically begins with selecting exquisite gemstones and exploring their potential through color and design. For the Aeterna Collection, we dedicated extra effort and faced additional challenges to ensure it was a fitting tribute to our anniversary.

Among the pieces showcased, the Serpenti Aeterna necklace stands out. How does it encapsulate Bvlgari’s 140-year celebration?

The Serpenti Aeterna necklace was a labor of love, starting with the search for the perfect gemstones and culminating in a historic masterpiece that embodies Bvlgari’s creativity and craftsmanship.

The technical intricacies behind these pieces are fascinating. Are there any particular challenges you faced in their creation?

Each piece presented its own set of challenges, from sourcing perfectly matched gemstones to mastering complex designs. The dedication of our artisans ensured that every detail was meticulously crafted to perfection.

Looking ahead, what aspirations do you hold for the future, beyond this momentous anniversary?

With the Aeterna Collection, my goal was to create timeless pieces that leave a lasting impression on the world stage, not just within Bvlgari. This collection represents a personal milestone in my career, and I hope it will be remembered for its beauty and significance.