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Discover 'Elham': MAX&Co.'s Next Level Collab with Fashion Trust Arabia Winner, Fatma Mostafa.

Welcome to the vibrant world of Fatma Mostafa, a creative dynamo who paints, stitches, clicks, and designs her way through a kaleidoscope of artistic endeavors. From the tender tutelage of her seamstress mother to a university journey steeped in the strokes of paintbrushes, Fatma’s artistic odyssey reached a crescendo in 2017 when she birthed her own jewelry line, an ode to her passion for both art and embroidery. Enter “The Capsule – Elham,” where inspiration flows as freely as a desert breeze. Inspired by the raw power and delicate allure of nature, Fatma’s creations weave together a tapestry of colors and materials, each piece an eccentric symphony of style and substance.

What drew you to collaborate with MAX&Co. brand, and how did your diverse background in painting, embroidery, photography, and design influenced this collaboration?

Collaborating with MAX&Co. presented an exciting opportunity for me to merge my diverse background in art, crafts and design with a well-established brand. Beyond the creative challenge, I saw this collaboration as a chance to exchange perspectives and cultures, enhancing both my visibility and
exposure in the industry. My varied artistic background allowed me to infuse a unique perspective into the “Elham” collection, creating pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Could you walk us through the creative process behind the “Elham” collection? How did you incorporate elements from nature and your love of crafts into this collection?

    In creating the “Elham” collection, I followed my usual design process, incorporating sketches, prototypes, and my passion for crafts and nature. Drawing inspiration from the captivating presence of animals and charming Egyptian landscapes, I designed pieces such as the lion necklace, Chetta bracelet, and landscape from Egypt ring and earrings. I unified the collection by connecting the color palette across these designs. Collaborating closely with the MAX&Co. team, I ensured that my designs complemented both our

    You mentioned being inspired by Egyptian landscapes and Monet’s paintings for “Elham.” How did these influences manifest in the colors, materials, and overall aesthetic of the collection?

      For the “Elham” collection, I drew inspiration primarily from the diverse and charming landscapes of Egypt, as well as the enchanting presence of animals. The earthy color palette and irregular lines used throughout the collection reflect these inspirations, creating a cohesive and nature-inspired aesthetic.

      While Monet’s paintings have been a significant inspiration for me in the past, particularly for my “Waterlilies” collection, one of my favorites, for “Elham,” my focus was on capturing the essence of Egyptian landscapes and wildlife.

      In what ways do you think your cross-disciplinary approach to art and design sets your work apart in the industry?

        My cross-disciplinary approach to art and design, rooted in my background as a painter and artist, as well as my childhood practice of embroidery, has allowed me to bring a unique perspective to the world of jewelry design. By incorporating elements from various artistic disciplines, I’ve been able to experiment with different materials, techniques, and styles, resulting in truly unique and artistic pieces. With each new skill I acquire, such as jewelry making, I find new ways to express myself and add my own vision to the
        industry, setting my work apart with its distinctive aesthetic and craftsmanship.

        Can you share some challenges you faced during the design process of “Elham,” and how you overcame them?

          One of the main challenges I faced during the design process of “Elham” was that this collaboration marked my first experience working on such a project. While it was a new experience for me, it was also an exciting opportunity to explore new creative avenues and expand my skills as a designer.

          How do you balance maintaining your unique artistic vision while also meeting the commercial demands of collaborating with a brand like MAX&Co.?

            Balancing my artistic vision with the commercial demands of collaborating with MAX&Co. is about finding the right harmony. I stay true to my unique style and creative vision while also considering the brand’s identity and the preferences of their customers. By striking this balance, I create designs that resonate both artistically and commercially.