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Happy International Yoga Day! Here are five reasons why the Apple Watch is your perfect yoga companion

Keep track of your yoga practices while using the Apple Watch...

It’s time to bring out the yogi in you as the world celebrates International Yoga Day today. Recognised as a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices, yoga has become an essential routine to plenty across the globe, especially to those looking to strengthen their inner peace and physical posture.

And whilst yoga is quite a tricky thing to track in terms of calories burned and movement, Apple has aced the complications in tracking your yoga levels based on motion, heart rate and calories burned during each and every exercise. 

Bringing an array of features that encourage fitness and wellness, the Apple Watch is the perfect companion to find your zen – all without losing measurement metrics. 

Here are some of the top features you can track your Apple Watch while exercising yoga:


  • Before starting your yoga exercise, you can check the Activity feature on your Apple Watch which helps track your daily activity and movement throughout the day and encourages you to achieve your fitness goals. Once you finish your yoga workout, you will be able to know the level of your performance. And what’s great is that you can even adjust, pause and resume your workout at your own convenience. 


  • Start your workout by activating the Breathe app on your Apple Watch. This feature helps track your physical movements and reminds you of taking a deep breath when there is a lack of movement or workout. While exercising, this great feature will help to control and eliminate anxiety and work stress. 

Heart Rate

  • Throughout your exercise, you can monitor your heart rate and adjust your performance accordingly to reach a higher or lower heart rate.


  • Perhaps our favourite feature is music. You can add music to your Apple Watch while working out by choosing a specific playlist that matches your Yoga workouts.


  • You can manage your yoga session and a multitude of other activities by setting specific goals such as time, distance, calories and your device will track your progress as you go. 

There you have it – you’re equipped for your next meditation session. Grab a mat and celebrate International Yoga Day the right way.