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Where you can find a modern menu with a traditional English countryside vibe

Enchanting with a side of innovation
The London Project is Dubai's latest foodie haunt. And we can see (and taste) why...

It seems like the opening (and developing) of Bluewaters Dubai has crept up on us recently. The island stretching out from JBR is now the IT place to be with restaurants fast opening left, right and centre.

But you’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the noise surrounding The London Project. To say it’s amassed a modest amount of footfall would be an understatement. It’s practically a hive of activity for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

So, we followed suit, too. 

At first glance, The London Project are out to strike at your romantic sensibilities. The venue is English countryside chic with a strong touch of sexy velvet sofa-style seating. It didn’t take us long to get into the mood. 

Overlooking the sea, The London Project is your perfect spot for catch-up banter and faultless fare – both of which come in great supply. 

Let’s start off with the ceviche – tangy, delicious and abundant. There’s quite a bit of coconut milk sauce packed in there, so it’s got a sprightly finish. 

Now, for acquired tastebuds – the freshly shucked oysters. They come with shallot mignonette, rhubarb granite and house-made ponzu. To say that we are a trifle struck by the sheer charm of this dish…it practially spells out, “I am fancy. Deal with it.” 

The tiger prawns are pretty near faultless in two fold: soft and crunchy with chopped salsa scattered in there, too. And if you’re a burrata fan (who doesn’t love some cushiony cheese anyway?) the heirloom tomato variety at The London Project is exceptional. Who would have thought a dollop of raspberry sorbert would be a winning addendum? 

For mains, the 330g Free Roam Canadian Tenderloin, tbh, is perfect produce. It can only really be eaten medium-rare and with a side of miso asparagus, lathered in wasabi yoghurt and toasted almonds. 

If you’ve got room (no excuses) go for Queenie’s Chocolate Torte – which is as rich and decadent as it sounds. 

You know what, just look through these delicious photos and get yourselves to The London Project tomorrow. 

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