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The O Jewellery’s Shamsa Al Omaira launches UAE National Day inspired collection

To celebrate UAE National Day, Shamsa Al Omaira exclusively shares her earliest memories of her beloved country, its leadership and her latest collection, titled Patriotism...

“The first sentence we were taught in school was “My homeland is the United Arab Emirates”. We copied it as we learned and comprehended the meaning of devotion to this beautiful country. Finding this notebook in one of the forgotten boxes put a smile on my face as I started thinking about the power of this sentence, written and copied by a six-year-old girl.

Since childhood, we were raised to love this country and the founder of this country, Sheikh Zayed; whether it came from our families, the society, or our schools, there was an undeniable love that was always emphasized throughout all aspects of our lives.

Growing up, our unconditional love grew bigger and we became aware of the roots of that love, the UAE and its leadership will always be deserving of this love and admiration.

Especially I believe this year, with the turmoil that is being felt internationally, the UAE have gone above and beyond to keep all of us safe and secure, leaving no stone untouched to ensure our utmost safety.

Due to my utmost love and respect for the UAE, the collection Patriotism came into existence.

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Every year the lead up to UAE National Day heightens my sense of patriotism, while filling my heart with happiness, and joy. Which inspires a new creation in celebration of the UAE.

All what we are today, all what we aspire to be, and all what we want to accomplish is possible because of the path Sheikh Zayed led for us to follow. He was a man that led by example, he built this nation and saw it flourish through the love and trust he invested in its people and watched them portray their love and dedication to this nation in return.

You can see the love of the UAE in every one of my pieces, especially a piece I designed in celebration of the 45th National Day, a photograph of our beloved founder of the United Arab Emirates, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. The necklace was created with round diamonds and 18k gold, giving the impression that the portrait has been painted with diamonds.

The inspiration was driven from a paragraph in William Thesiger’s book “Arabian Sands”, in which he describes Sheikh Zayed and writes about his welcomed visit to Abu Dhabi in the late forties.

Happy National Day!”

– Words by Shamsa Al Omaira

The O Jewellery’s Patriotism collection is now available at

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