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Mytheresa’s latest capsule with Zimmermann is giving us all of the summer feels

They're saying the summer 2020 is "cancelled" due to the pandemic, but this new capsule collection won't stop us from dressing up for the season...

Zimmermann has an aesthetic so strong that you could spot their pieces from a mile away. The Australian brand is embedded with plenty of colour, print and bohemian codes and thankfully, you’ll be able to get your hands on some exclusive pieces as they’ve just launched a capsule collection with Mytheresa. 

Whilst the luxury online retailer already stocks a plethora of coveted brands, this collection is perhaps our favourite one yet. 

Consisting of 24 pieces, the capsule range features the ultimate pieces that’ll make up your next vacation wardrobe – seriously though, the pieces will see you straight from beach to dinner. 

The capsule collection features a slew of silhouettes from lace dresses, puffy-sleeved blouses to linen shorts, playful swimwear and accessories – all adorned in summery cornflower blue, muted pink and nude hues paired with stand-out paisley and animal prints.

Nobody does romantic looks quite like Zimmermann

“We were inspired by the thoughts of an idyllic summer – a vision of what we want to feel like on our holidays as much as anything else.”

I love the mix of paisleys and the animal print, it’s that combination of the feminine and the slightly tougher look that I want to mix and match for a summer,” says Nicky Zimmermann, Creative Director and co-founder of Zimmermann.

The exclusive capsule collection launches globally on Mytheresa from May 20th, 2020. We’re certain the range will be sold out quickly, so you better act fast. We will be. 

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