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McCarbie is officially our new favourite Instagram account

Make it fashion, but miniature
Looking for a new account to follow on Instagram? We've got just the account...

Parody Instagram accounts have risen in popularity in recent years, with the likes of Gary Janetti and Gryffindior growing in popularity daily thanks to their clever posts and witty content. Now, there’s a new account on the scene.

McCarbie is the work of 17-year old Caroline Helsen who makes miniature versions of runway clothing and photographs her Barbie dolls in them. Prada, Dior, Calvin Klein and Chanel have all had the tiny treatment since launch. 

Speaking to LOVE, the teen said, “I started making doll clothes when I was 13 years old, at the time me and my younger sister still played with dolls. We really disliked all the pink, glittery outfits the Barbies wore, so I started making cooler outfits that reflected more what I wanted to wear, designer outfits. I taught myself how to sew and with a lot of patience I ended up sewing the way I do now.”

I mean, just look at how cute the pieces are:




It’s Barbie’s world, we’re just living in it. 

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