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Kristina Fidelskaya’s F/W’19 collection brings out all the happy feels

Functional and fierce
For your everyday chic comforts, Kristina Fidelskaya is a fashion force to be reckoned with. The Emirati label is among a handful of regional designers who have spread across borders, showcasing their collections globally. Now, nestled into the fabric of both the local and Parisian scene, she speaks to Buro. Middle East about how she brings power, happiness and creativity into her F/W'19 collection...

What are the core values of Kristina Fidelskaya?

Femininity is in our DNA. My brand is a translation of my vision for the woman. A woman has many different roles and parts to play in her life; different emotions and occasions. My collections are very feminine, contemporary, comfortable and luxurious. I believe in timeless, elegant fashion. Collections that will still be beautiful in two or three seasons, and pieces that my clients can really enjoy. 

Tell us about the concept behind the Skilled craftsmanship?

The process of a luxury product has to be studied and mastered. To create a luxury product it takes time, the best quality materials, and the most skilled artisans who are very passionate about what they do and who have been doing it for a long time, 10-30 years. Kristina Fidelskaya is a luxury pret-a-porter brand and therefore I ensure the highest quality craftsmanship throughout all processes of conception to production.  

What’s the F/W’19 collection all about?

The Collection is named ‘Happiness’ – a reflection of a woman happy from within her soul. A woman who is smiling from the inside. Her energy is bright. With tailored statement coats, oversized dropped shoulders, gold buttoned blazers and pencil dresses, the tailoring shows an international style of structure through the garments, demanding an effortlessly chic and practical approach towards design. Functionality is the core of any Kristina Fidelskaya collection.

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What is your work process?

1) Inspiration from everything, life, and my surroundings.

2) Research.

3) Mood board creation.

4) Fabric selection, Finishing (button zipper clasp) selection, accessories, such as belts etc.

5) Discuss collection scope/build collection/sketch.

6) Very long and detailed sampling creation process. 2/3 fittings to complete.

7) Complete and style a total KF look.

Do you experiment with digital and technology?

Yes, when I see my kids and their friends I see how technology has reached new levels. The new generation lives in a world where technology is everywhere. I believe technology has to be invisible but its functionality all around. I will start experimenting in my boutiques step by step. 

Why did you feel now was the right time to show your collections in PARIS ?

Actually, this is the fourth season that i have showed my collections in Paris, however we have very recently been accepted and admitted by the ‘Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode’ to be a part of the official calendar for Paris Fashion Week. Our AW19 collection is the first collection we have presented now that we are officially part of Paris Fashion Week. 

Why do you think happiness and fashion are so connected?

Fashion makes us happy. When you wear clothes, you can see yourself in a new way and can use it as a way to express yourself, your creativity, and your feelings. When you see or try on a piece you like, you look at yourself and you see something beautiful. This makes us happy.

What makes a woman right for Kristina Fidelskaya?

Kristina Fidelskaya is a brand for the modern international woman. This woman leads a busy, fast-paced lifestyle, she lives a full life. She has a career or a family, an active social life and loves to travel. I believe she wants to wear something that makes her feel confident, fierce and stylish. I create my clothes for the women who want to wear something comfortable, practical, beautiful, and effortlessly chic.  

Has your approach to design changed at all from the 1st collection?

Of course, you learn and grow from each collection. New team members join the brand with new skills and insights. We use different materials, leather for example, which requires a different handling and production process. Our brand is becoming more complete with each collection, but we still create each piece with the same vision and ethos as in the first collection, for the modern international woman. 

What’s your definition of chic and minimalism?

Chic is something luxurious, very well studied and detailed. Minimalism is a focus on the fabrics and construction and is a lack of decoration. Simplicity is key; clean lines, structure and drape are the focus.

How do you continually deliver a modern message to your customers via social media?

We try to communicate our brand values, DNA and vision through our content. People can always find our latest collection, fashion shows, editorial shoots and brand videos on our social media. We try to show what we do in the creative process and take our followers with us on our travels by showcasing what we are working on with our suppliers. Our social media is our digital Kristina Fidelskaya universe.

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